Kazakhstan – The opportunity that you should not miss out

The rich Asian giant country has been in the midst of an impressive technological and economic revolution in recent years. Kazakhstan opens up to the world and offers diverse business opportunities. As part of the reform process, the AIFC, an innovative and advanced financial center, was established, which positions the country as a leading international investment center.


David Fichman. Photo: Michalis Petrou

At the age of 22 David Fichman is rebooting the world with ‘Bootcamp’

Like many others, growing up in the city of Melbourne, Australia, David Fichman had a relatively normal childhood – in fact, he was fortunate enough to attend one of the top schools in the State. But unlike the average teenager – often occupied with thoughts of school, girls, or sports, Fichman felt deep in his…


The Julius Baer Family Barometer 2020

The inaugural Julius Baer Family Barometer reveals that complexity for global families is on the rise. We explore the causes and implications.


Continuing to grow

Vietnam maintains its economic growth despite the pandemic. An Overview of Vietnam in the first 8 months of 2020


Gal Yossef. Photo credit: Moshe Nahamovits

The Israeli 3D artist Gal Yosef Breaks the Internet

The Israeli artist brought the most iconic cartoon characters into life with realistic and mischievous look


Why should We think more about Vietnam?

Vietnam obtained a GDP growth rate of 7.02% in 2019, among highest in the world. This is also the second year that Vietnam’s economic growth rate was above 7%

Brand Voice

Such a successful Vietnam in 2019

A successful year for Vietnam : Ended 2019 with a long list of economic and diplomatic achievements


“Loves making history”

Tony Levy, one of the most successful Israelis in Japan, with his international design empire and the creative ability to connect between the Japanese and Israeli business cultures, knows that much of his life is a childhood dream come true • With the new competition that he launched at Shenkar College of Design, two new Ferraris on their way to him, and plans to enter the Chinese market - Levy continues to dream big


“I’m stubborn, I never give up”

When he was 7 years old, Rani Zim found a box of lego in the trash, washed it and began to build - and he has not stopped working in construction since • Even today, ruling a business empire that includes starting, building and managing shopping centers across the country, investing in profitable properties in the US, he does not rest for so much as a moment