“I’m stubborn, I never give up”

When he was 7 years old, Rani Zim found a box of lego in the trash, washed it and began to build - and he has not stopped working in construction since • Even today, ruling a business empire that includes starting, building and managing shopping centers across the country, investing in profitable properties in the US, he does not rest for so much as a moment


How AI will change the world of digital marketing and why it’s so powerful

The challenge facing any marketing executive is to talk to the customer in a personal way • Artificial intelligence enables you to leverage the information gathered on the road to create a more enjoyable experience


AdMaven Launches the New Version of its Optimization Engine – Ad Maven v. A.I 8.0.0

One of the world's leading advertising networks, is unveiling its new Martech product. The new version is based on a series of stacked algorithms, in order to match the right ad at the right time


More than a million patients per year: What’s drawing everyone to Sheba in Israel?

Sheba is the heart and hub of medical innovation in Israel. It is the force that constantly pumps new life into global healthcare, biotechnology, digital hospital systems, and patient-centric care. What’s going on at Sheba that puts it at the forefront of international healthcare and attracts patients from all over the world?


“We believe in the strength of the British economy”

Now of all times, when the British economy is rocking and roaring around the Brexit crisis, brothers Ronen, Noam and Gilad, who, together manage the revenue yielding property company, Z. C. Ronogil Investments Ltd., have identified an economic opportunity to start investing in office blocks and trade centres. Over a period of time, they are convinced, cutting themselves off from the continent will do Britons good. An interview with a family endowed with patience and long-range vision”

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Facing Forward: The Schwartz-Arad Surgical Center

The Schwartz-Arad Surgical Center is a unique facility which integrates oral, maxillofacial and plastic surgery • The center includes operating rooms for moderate surgery and treatment rooms equipped with advanced digital technologies • The center prioritizes patient privacy

Ayelet Rozentzwieg

The Man who Makes Life More Colorful

Tony Levy lives between Israel and Japan, one month here, the next there, and after establishing a successful chain of jewelry stores, he brought “Laline” to the Japanese and acquired real estate in both countries. With his great love of design, his impressive collection of cars, and a colorful persona which attracts attention both in Tokyo and Tel Aviv - he found a little spare time to tell Forbes Israel his story

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“As market leaders we have a responsibility”

With sales in Israel exceeding half a billion NIS, more than 1,000 employees and corporate social responsibility as a core component in the Company’s strategy – Elie Sagiv, L'Oréal Israel CEO, is proud of the Company’s employees who are leading change: “The success of L'Oréal Israel belongs to each one of the Company’s employees” • An exclusive interview

Shlomi Azulai

“We Can Control Light”

A car window that can be dimmed, a bathroom that can fill the room with light and yet preserve privacy, glass, hygienic partitions for hospitals that maintain hygiene, and glasses of changeable transparency • Meet Gauzy, an Israeli start-up turning glass into smart raw material

Orly Katz, BrandVoice

Manage Your Brand’s Advertising with Meme Machine

Israeli company Meme Global Media Group aims to change digital advertising. With a sophisticated BI system, minimizing the need for media brokers, control of advertising returns to the brand. “With us you can plan and execute campaigns”, explains founder Ronen Menipaz

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