UBS Survey: Online Sales Are Becoming Increasingly Important to the Art Market

In light of Freshpaint Art & Design Fair’s Special Edition, launched online on October 28, its main sponsor UBS has published a new survey regarding the global art market

Forbes Staff

The Garmin Ransom Case: From Medical Data To Military Secrets

The attack on the GPS tracker giant raises serious questions, not just on the personal privacy level but also for national security issues

Etay Maor

After the share purchase: Tomer Cohen has been appointed CEO of the BUYME Gift Platform

Chairman of the Company Ben Yakar: "We have big plans for the future of the company and I am sure that the company under Tomer's management will implement them with great success"

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Aviv Greenbreg | photo by Nir Slakman

The Exhibition was Postponed – the Artists were Filmed in Videos Showcasing their Work

Following the delay of the annual art event, Freshpaint 2020 and UBS launched a joint project this week. 6 artists showcase the creative process during the coronavirus lockdown

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The working spaces company SOK opens offices in Tel Aviv

The international company SOK opened the first smart offices in Israel. More than 3,000 square meters of a workspace in the Nitsba Tower in Tel Aviv , which accommodate more than 500 job places

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“Art and Collecting are Passions”

Why do financial institutions support art fairs, how are art works selected for corporate collections, and how do collectors deal with challenges such as storing art works and preserving them for future generations?

Roni Kerzner

Froneri enters Israel: Acquires the ice cream business of Nestle

Europe's second largest ice cream manufacturer, is acquiring Noga Ice Creams, a subsidiary of Osem-Nestle, which manufactures and distributes Nestle ice cream products in Israel • Froneri CEO, Ibrahim Najafi: "Israel is one of Nestle's most established markets. It is our intention to invest in brands, products, and local flavours”

Roni Kerzner

Operating Room

From the crisis in the internal medicine departments to relations with the health maintenance organizations, from the gaps in the center and the periphery to the gender gaps • Forbes brought together six hospital directors for an open discussion on the health system’s most burning problems • Here are the diagnoses

Yuval Hirshorn

To infinity and beyond: By age 90 we’ll reach the moon

Eight years and a ton of work was required for the dream of the first Israeli spacecraft to come about - but it wouldn’t have happened without the involvement of Morris Kahn, who decided to take the mission as a personal project (and spend $40 million on it) • And while the craft does a selfie with planet Earth, Kahn cannot allow himself to rest, and at age 89 and a bit, he continues to do the two things that he loves most - contribute and enjoy every moment of life

Roni Kerzner