Business and Pleasure: Israel’s Best Business Oriented Hotels

Israeli hotels offer an innovative, sophisticated experience for the business traveler. Here are Forbes highest ranking hotels - from Eilat to Jerusalem

Nava Rosenfeld

Young Creatives Award Presented at 2018 Emmy World TV Festival

This is the second annual JCS award at the International World Television Festival * JCSI President Michal Grayevsky presented the awards to young filmmakers who explored the theme “Stand Up for Peace"

Forbes Staff

Why are there no more Chinese villains in American films?

Hollywood has so far survived the technological developments that threatened to destroy it - but the real lifeline is the enormous Chinese audience overseas, which doesn’t really connect with American heroes - time get used to seeing more Asian faces on the big screen

Yuval Bustan

Bon Appetit – Israel’s Best Restaurants

Looking for a good restaurant? Start with the ones who love their food, the country they came from, their customers * We chose the best restaurants, which don't compromise on the important things and insist to make in Israel food that comes from love

Natalie Shafrir

How Performance Enhancing Drugs became Part of our Work Life

The job market is an endless race, and at the same time we are expected to have a perfect family and work out. It was only a matter of time until performance enhancing drugs, widely used in competitive sports, will find their way to the office: who needs 18 cups of coffee when you can self-prescribe Ritalin?

Hanny Youdel

A Taste of the Future: What Will We Eat in 30 Years

What are we going to eat once all the food on the planet runs out? Experts say the diet of 2050 will probably include less meat and more bugs. The good news: NASA-inspired superfood bars, 3D printed custom-designed menus and plenty of kale. Bon Appetit

Avi Gertzman

Save Water, Save the World

After struggling with water shortage its entire existence, Israel has become a superpower when it comes to the precious liquid. When a worldwide water shortage looming in our visible future, according to the UN, investors and developers come to Israel to learn how to extract water from the desert: hundreds of Israeli companies are sharing their vast knowledge trying to save the world from drought

Karni Eldad

What Would Life Without Death Be Like? It doesn’t look good

Science has managed to reduce mortality rates and has led to a sharp increase in average life expectancy. But now it seems we are at the threshold of a new era in which life will be prolonged by decades. So how would a life without an expiration date look like - and what is the price we would have to pay?

Hanny Youdel

Back to the Cave? Why Paleo is not the Diet for You

A biologist, archaeologist, and sociologist explain why Paleolithic diet is irrelevant and is just a nostalgic yearning and a search for a purpose

Hanny Youdel