"Guiding toward a world where integrity, honor, and fairness prevail" | Photographer & Creative Director: Jim Jordan
Photographer & Creative Director: Jim Jordan

Barak: Bridging Divides, Building Bridges

Barak Zilberberg, the first Israeli American to run for President of the United States, believes his heritage and commitment will help bring peace to the Middle East

Throughout history, there are moments when individuals rise above expectations, cultures, and borders, embodying unity and progress. Today, amidst a world filled with division, we meet a figure whose very being reflects the power of connection and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

In the chronicles of entrepreneurial success, Barak Zilberberg stands out not only for his extraordinary career arc—from a young plumber to a titan of real estate and philanthropy—but also for his profound impact on the communities he touches and his bold visions for the future of America and beyond.

Barak, the first Israeli American to run for President of the United States, stands at the crossroads of two nations, two identities, and countless dreams. His journey, woven with threads of heritage, compassion, and unwavering determination, speaks volumes about the potential of individuals to bring about meaningful change on a global scale.

Born in Los Angeles to Israeli immigrant parents, Barak Zilberberg’s journey into the realms of business and service began in a modest, blue-collar environment. Starting work at just six years old, Zilberberg quickly learned the values of hard work and self-sufficiency. By the age of 13, he was already financially independent, navigating the complexities of a grown-up world through sheer determination and resilience. These early experiences laid a robust foundation for his later success and instilled in him a lifelong commitment to supporting others in overcoming adversity.

Zilberberg’s professional journey began in the trenches, quite literally, as a tradesman in the plumbing industry. His keen grasp of the trade and leadership skills quickly propelled him to the position of President at Ultimate Plumbing, Southern California’s largest specialist in copper repiping. Here, Zilberberg not only honed his business acumen but also developed an appreciation for the challenges faced by those in blue-collar professions.

Photographer & Creative Director: Jim Jordan

Leveraging his experiences and savings from plumbing, Zilberberg ventured into the real estate market at the age of 21. His strategic use of financing and his impeccable credit allowed him to rapidly build a vast and diverse portfolio, eventually leading to the founding of Zilberberg International and Zilberberg Worldwide. Under his leadership, these firms have spearheaded major development projects that reflect both his business savvy and his commitment to creating sustainable communities.

In a further testament to his achievements, Zilberberg was awarded by the International Association of Top Professionals as the Top Entrepreneur of the Year 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee. Additionally, his distinguished standing was further acknowledged when he was invited to be featured on the Nasdaq billboard in Times Square, New York City.

Beyond his business accomplishments, Barak Zilberberg is deeply committed to developing human potential. He has a unique talent for identifying the inherent abilities in individuals and propelling them towards self-sufficiency. His philosophy emphasizes sending empowered individuals into our communities to serve and realize their fullest potential. This commitment to personal and communal uplift forms a core part of his vision, ensuring that each person can be the best they can ever be.

In 2021, Zilberberg founded The Zilberberg Foundation, a testament to his dedication to giving back to the community that raised him. The foundation focuses on empowering vulnerable populations through education, supporting children with cancer, aiding youth with disabilities, and promoting mental health and global peace.

The Zilberberg Foundation Library, an ambitious project designed to revolutionize how society approaches health and education, embodies Barak’s commitment to generational health and education. The library will feature state-of-the-art resources and facilities aimed at promoting health and well-being across generations. It will serve as a central hub for advancing health knowledge and practices, encompassing everything from cutting-edge medical research to wellness and fitness programs.

In 2020, Zilberberg ran for Governor of Nevada, emphasizing the need for bold, innovative solutions to address the state’s challenges, including healthcare, education, and job creation. His campaign was widely praised for its energy, vision, and commitment to the people of Nevada.

“Barak’s candidacy isn’t just about seeking political office־it’s a beacon of hope, guiding us toward a world where integrity, honor, and fairness prevail”

Building on his extensive experience in business and philanthropy, Barak Zilberberg has articulated a clear and compelling vision for his presidency. His platform centers on economic revitalization, education reform, and healthcare improvement, aimed at fostering a more inclusive and prosperous society. Beyond domestic policies, Zilberberg envisions a foreign policy that strengthens America’s role on the global stage. He aims to ensure the United States maintains the best possible relations with all world leaders, fostering a “world family” atmosphere characterized by mutual respect, collaboration, and shared goals. His leadership intends to bridge divides and enhance global cooperation, making the world a more connected and harmonious place.

Throughout his life, Barak Zilberberg has embraced diversity and appreciated people from all different races, religions, genders, and socio-economic backgrounds. This deep respect for diversity has made him a visionary and a staunch advocate for social equality. His leadership style fosters an inclusive culture within his businesses and philanthropic endeavors, making him a unifier with the potential to bridge divides at a national level.

Barak’s upbringing was immersed in Israeli culture and the timeless wisdom of his ancestors. But it was his deep belief in unity that ignited his passion for public service and propelled him onto the world stage.

Foremost among Barak’s beliefs is his commitment to fostering peace and understanding in one of the world’s most contentious regions: the Middle East. With a heritage spanning both Israeli and Palestinian roots, Barak’s vision for the region is grounded in justice, equality, and coexistence.

Reflecting on his family’s history, Barak shares, “My grandparents grew up alongside both Palestinians and Israelis in peace and harmony. It’s a legacy I aim to honor by advocating for a future where both nations can thrive side by side, their flags waving in unison.”

Central to Barak’s platform is the recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state, with rights equal to those of its Israeli neighbors. “Gaza and parts of the West Bank rightfully belong to the Palestinians,” he asserts. “It’s time to realize the vision of a two-state solution and pave the way for lasting peace in the region.”

Barak’s vision extends beyond the Middle East. As an advocate for global security and stability, he pledges to combat terrorism in all its forms, building alliances with visionary leaders and entrepreneurs to create a safer, more prosperous world.

“Freedom, peace, love, and harmony aren’t just ideals—they’re the foundation of a brighter future,” Barak declares. “By embracing innovation, entrepreneurship, and diplomacy, we can overcome the challenges that divide us and embrace a future of unity and prosperity.”

Barak’s candidacy isn’t just about seeking political office—it’s a beacon of hope, guiding us toward a world where integrity, honor, and fairness prevail. His name, meaning “lightning” in Hebrew, embodies strength, courage, and transformative leadership.

In his upcoming book, “Resilience,” set to be released on Amazon, Zilberberg shares the lessons learned from his life’s journey, serving as a guide for others to navigate their paths through adversity.

Photographer & Creative Director: Jim Jordan

At the heart of Zilberberg’s story is his family. Married to Apolonia Pina, he is a devoted father to Natalie, Danielle, Zeve, Apolonia Jr., and the soon-to-be-born Barak Jr., and a loving grandfather to Yosef, Naomi, and Levi. His family not only inspires his endeavors but also grounds his visions in the reality of everyday joys and challenges. Barak maintains a strong digital presence, engaging with a global audience through his website, www.barakzilberberg.com, and his Instagram account @barakzilberberg, where he connects with over 2 million followers. These platforms allow him to share insights into his personal life, professional endeavors, and philanthropic activities, serving as a space for inspiration and interaction.

The world takes notice of a man whose name will forever be associated with progress and possibility. From Israel to America and beyond, his message resonates with those who dare to dream of a better tomorrow—a tomorrow where health, happiness, and kindness reign supreme.

Barak Zilberberg’s life and career are a powerful reminder of the impact one individual can have on the world. From his humble beginnings as a tradesman to his aspirations in the highest echelons of American politics, his journey is a compelling narrative of ambition, service, and, above all, resilience. As he prepares to potentially lead the nation, his story serves a

a beacon of what determination, foresight, and a heart for service can achieve. His leadership promises not just policy shifts but a transformative movement towards a more robust and united America.

In Barak, we find not just a leader but a friend, a father, a husband—a visionary whose legacy will endure for generations. He is a man on a quest for a better world—one founded on the timeless values of equality, prosperity, and the boundless potential of humanity.


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