Hypersonic missiles threat | Photo: Shutterstock

Sky Sentinels: Israel’s Unmatched Anti-Missiles Defense Systems – And Their Limits

For over 50 years, Israel has been contending with the threat of high-trajectory weapons from all its borders. Its concept of multi-layered aerial defense drove unprecedented technological achievements, and systems still in development are practically Sci-Fi stuff. Nevertheless, and despite the amazing success Israel has had in its defensive efforts, it’s important to remember that battles are won in offense

volunteers collect humanitarian aid for Israeli soldiers | Photo: Shutterstock

Start-Up Nation is Now Rise Up Nation

After a devastating Hamas attack, Israel mobilizes into “Rise Up Nation,” showing resilience, innovation, and care for one another that signals a strong future of rebuilding and thriving once the war ends

Farid (left) and president Biden | Photo: Maor Farid

What I Learned from My Meeting with the Leader of the Free World // Dr. Maor Farid

When President Biden visited Israel, he sought not only to discuss the enduring conflict with Hamas, but also to understand the unique DNA of the Israeli nation. Dr. Maor Farid, a tech entrepreneur and an officer, who participated in the Israeli delegation, recounts the moving and unexpected interaction with the President

Photo: Hitech4Israel

Unnatural Disaster// Shani Zanescu

The tech industry and the entire country of Israel, as well as its worldwide supporters are bringing rays of light into the darkest of times >> Forbes 30U30’s War

Forbes' Unicorn Conference | Photo: Yanai Alfasi

Next Billion-Dollar Startups: Forbes’ 2022 Conference Honors Israeli Unicorns

In the last Forbes Unicorn Conference held at Mitar, industry leaders delved into the fascinating transformation from a simple idea to a thriving billion-dollar unicorn. Despite cautious warnings about reduced funding opportunities and cash management challenges, participants remained optimistic, citing the high-tech industry’s maturity, accumulated experience, and the escalating demand for groundbreaking technologies

A brand new Forbes 30/30 podcast with the Co-Founder and the CEO of Armis Security, Yevgeni Dibrov | Photo: Forbes Israel

How to Spy on a Board Meeting in 2022? A Brand New Forbes 30/30 Podcast

Forbes Israel launches a series of podcasts featuring some of the most promising Under30 young talents ⋅ The first episode hosts the co-founder and CEO of Armis Security ⋅ How to maintain the security of so many different devices and what is the weakest link in most organizations? Noa Oron talks to Yevgeny Dibrov about the Global Cyberwar

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