The main reasons you need a strong content strategy | By Shutterstock

Five Reasons You Need a Content Strategy in 2022

The pandemic made it abundantly clear that organizations with a solid digital-first strategy – survived and thrived while those who didn’t – suffered and were ultimately wiped out. Here are a few simple steps to strengthen your marketing strategy by creating high-quality content

meet the tech influencers who take over social media | By Shutterstock

Techfluencers: The New Breed Of Social Media Influencers

We’re used to think of celebrities, actors and musicians as the classic influencers, but nowadays the cyber experts are taking over the field and share the most recent tech news with thousands of followers

Will humanoid robots change the way we live? | By Shutterstock

Hi Robot: How Robotic Technology Can Impact Humanity

Robots once solely belonged to the sci-fi world, but nowadays are quickly becoming a crucial part of our lives. Will humankind adapt and evolve, or will humanoid robots take over our everyday lives?

Even the sky is not the limit

The success story of the “Genesis” spacecraft, which began with a dream of three young entrepreneurs and ended with an entire nation following every maneuver all the way to the moon – demonstrates that in the start-up nation all it takes to make a dream come true is prowess and determination. Everything else already exists here in abundance

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