Proptech is Solving Housing Problems All Over the World – This is How

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Technology in the real estate sector is growing rapidly and it's completely changing the way we rent apartments or pay our bills. Here are some leading companies in this new and exciting field


We all rented an apartment through Airbnb for a short vacation, we all saw the huge signs of WeWork around the city we live in or even worked at one – Those are the signs of the new era of Property Tech (or simply PropTech). Technology is evolving rapidly, but there is something special about the real estate sector.

What’s so special about PropTech? The fact it’s growing quickly, and especially the scope of its growth. From changing the world of real estate, finding a good landlord as you’re looking for an apartment, getting crucial insights from real estate experts, and making the process of renting an apartment a lot easier. what’s better than tech companies to solve housing problems around the world? Here are 4 companies that transform this new and exciting field.

Proptech is growing quickly, and it helps making the process of renting an apartment so much easier

A rising star in the PropTech world is Openigloo. An app and web platform that is designed for renters in NYC and allows them to rate their landlords. In this app you can read and anonymously share your rental experience, access up-to-date city data on your building and landlord, and find a great new apartment to live in.

In addition, Openigloo constantly posts tips to help renters better understand housing laws and their rights. Ultimately, landlords will see they have to do better if they want good renters and the renters will upgrade their experience and so much more.

Another interesting company in this field is Luke. Luke is an AI-powered assistant that uses unbiased advice and market insights from real estate experts to help you navigate the home buying process from start to finish. To start, you text Luke, and tell it what you’re looking for to make the experience of buying a home as great as living in it. Luke’s real estate buying team is available 24/7 to help you schedule tours in one click, get pre-approved, get comp reports and properties analysis, submit an offer, and close on your new home.

Another successful startup is Guesty that offers a system for property management for short terms. It allows landlords to manage all of their data, reservations, and listings in one place. The system answers automatically 24/7 to different questions, it knows how to select specific renters by criteria the landlords choose and can even approve orders and send the guests information on the rental. After leaving the property, the system can even write a review on the guest and assist the landlord order cleaning services.

The last company is Bllink which is a great startup that allows building tenants to easily manage their building payments. Bllink offers a digital platform that allows the building committees to manage and track automatically all payments. The manager can review real-time data and produce reports, tenants can make payments using multiple methods. The app currently works solely in Israel, but operations should expand to Europe this year.

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