DevOcean Is Taking A New Approach To Cloud SecOps

DevOcean Founders. Photo: Nir Slakman


Company: devOcean Security
Founders: Doron Naim and Gil Makmel
Founded: 2021
Fund: $6M
Number of employees: 15

devOcean was founded in 2021 to create a new layer for Cloud-Native Security Operations (CNSO). By creating a dedicated security layer, this SaaS platform can quickly and accurately make order out of cloud application security chaos by gathering insights from all cloud and security tools across the stack, generating a single “pane of glass” that exposes each risk and its corresponding effect on every part of the cloud application. This added context enables CISOs to easily and efficiently prioritize and patch security vulnerabilities and fix issues.

The company, which has 15 employees and is based in Tel Aviv, was founded by Doron Naim and Gil Makmel, the former GMs of Security Research and Innovation at CyberArk, both of whom are veterans of the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite 8200 intelligence unit.

“While talking to CISOs and security teams, we learned about the painful, context-less, time-consuming security operations in the cloud era. It’s clear- a completely new approach is required. We founded devOcean to help organizations solve critical risks with enriched context and dramatically reduce the costs of securing cloud-native applications,” said Doron Naim, co-founder and CEO of devOcean.

The move to cloud requires a completely new approach to security operations. Cloud-native applications are composed of multiple layers, with each layer having its own security issues that require unique, specialized security tools and solutions. Additionally, each layer is created and managed by a different development team within an organization. Together, this has created a multilayered and siloed environment, with a chaotic web of responsibilities, tools, and alerts. Adding to the complexity is the lack of standardization in policies and infrastructures between public cloud providers.

“The market opportunity is huge. The move to the cloud is still in the making for many organizations, and those who have made the move are facing challenges they’ve never faced before,” said Naim. “The complexity and agility of cloud-native applications makes it almost impossible to handle without a dedicated system, leading some organizations to attempt to build their own cloud-native security management platforms at a great cost and with limited success.”

Today’s SecOps tools and processes don’t fit the constantly changing cloud-native applications. Security teams have sophisticated detection tools that help them find issues at each layer, but what they need is something that can help them solve them effectively across all app stacks.

devOcean’s unique capability to tell a multilayered story that gathers security data from multiple sources,saves precious time and drives down costs. With an understanding of the most critical threats, security teams can prioritize risks and work alongside operations, product, and development teams to effectively install security processes and remediate risks.

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