Ermetic’s Technology Enables Any Organization to Manage Cloud Infrastructure Security Automatically – All in One Place

Ermetic Founders. Photo: PR


Company: Ermetic Ltd.
Founders: Shai Morag, CEO; Arick Goomanovsky, CBO; Sivan Krigsman, CPO; Michael Dolinksy, CTO
Founded: 2019
Fund: $100 Million
Number of employees: 150

One of the greatest obstacles to cloud security is understanding: “Who can access my data?” Ermetic cuts through the mire of complexity to give the answer. The Ermetic SaaS platform prevents breaches by reducing the attack surface of cloud infrastructure and enforcing least privilege at scale – with transparency and simplicity. It offers comprehensive cloud security for AWS, Azure and GCP that consolidates cloud infrastructure entitlements management (CIEM) and cloud security posture management (CSPM) in one holistic solution.

Organizations use Ermetic for risk assessment across the full security stack – including asset discovery, risk visualization and prioritization, guided remediation, anomaly detection and compliance audit. The company enjoys high ARR and has a fast growing global client base. 

Ermetic has offices in Tel Aviv and Boston, with an expanding presence in Europe and AP. The company is led by proven technology entrepreneurs and backed by prominent cyber security investors. Learn more at:

On the grow

Ermetic had record business results in 2021, surpassing the year’s financial goals. Its revenue growth increased by 800%, its customer base grew six-fold and it quadrupled its global headcount. Also last year, the company raised $70M in series B funding, bringing its total financing to $100M. In 2022, Ermetic received additional funding from Splunk Ventures.

Ermetic has many customers, across industries, including Fortune 100 companies and cloud-forward innovators such as Alkami, AppsFlyer, Beth Israel Lahey Health, Dataminr, IntelyCare, IronSource, Riskified, Tyler Technologies and Wex. The company is expanding in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific, including through its robust channel and alliance program. Ermetic recently added proven international executives in finance, research and HR to further fuel rapid growth.

In May 2022, Forbes Israel named Ermetic a “next billion dollar startup” – one of the top 10 startups most likely to reach a $1 billion dollar valuation. In the same month Ermetic received AWS Security Competency Status, demonstrating the platform’s AWS technical expertise and proven customer success for AWS users.

The high stakes cloud challenge

Cloud infrastructure is the new data center for most organizations – and an attacker’s playground. Protecting it requires organizations to reduce their attack surface and blast radius, while maintaining agility and keeping compliance in check. But the complexity and scale of cloud, with thousands of services, configurations, identities and policies determining access, hamper the efforts of security teams and stakeholders to see cloud risk let alone control it. Human and service identities are the greatest weakness, with access rights largely excessively assigned, obfuscated and under-monitored. Tools abound that cover different bits of cloud security, are hard to operationalize and require cloud expertise, increasing rather than easing the workload of already overstressed security teams.

Ermetic – a timely solution

Ermetic secures cloud infrastructure at scale by revealing the toxic configuration scenarios that put data at risk, and remediating risky entitlements and misconfigurations. It does so by offering deep visibility into an organization’s multi-cloud asset inventory, and assessing and prioritizing risk, in context, across the full cloud stack of human and service identities, network configurations and data and compute resources. The platform offers flexible remediation options and generates optimized policies seamlessly integrated with ticketing, CI/CD pipelines and IaC. It helps organizations define automated guardrails for permissions and resource configurations, investigate threats, audit inventory and report on compliance.

Ermetic is a force multiplier for security teams, reducing manual tasks, facilitating least privilege and zero trust, and improving communication across DevOps, Cloud Security and IAM teams. It is fast to value, onboarding rapidly and serving as an accelerator to cloud security maturity.

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