How ocean freight rates soared to their highest peak ever?

The worldwide pandemic caused a chain reaction. Container freight rates have soared to an all time record growth of more than 300% since April 2020. Those are the reasons why

Orel Hershkovitch, Contributor

This is what we can learn from Native American tribes’ approach to technology

Technology has been an equalizer in enabling underprivileged populations to rise; This is how the US Native tribes are using their lands and resources to develop technology

Jonathan ‘Yoni’ Frenkel

Micha Kaufman. Photo: Omer Hacohen

High Fiverr: the Israeli Platform is Already Worth More than 2 Billion Dollars

In a special interview with Fiverr’s CEO and founder, Micha Kaufman, he explains why investors fell in love with the company, what the future of the job market looks like, and why Amazon is the model he aspires to emulate. “We will also be in such a position in the future.”

Itay Zehorai

How to come out stronger

Many companies have found themselves facing quite a few difficulties during the corona crisis. But the crisis has actually created an opportunity to develop a positive image with activities that suit the spirit of the time. Marian Salzman, Senior Vice-President Commuincations at Philip Morris, talks about how to do it right

Itay Zehorai

Remote learning shutterstock_1675198060-1

Will remote education in the coronavirus age make teachers obsolete?

Hundreds of millions of students worldwide use technological tools to study remotely from home these days. What does it mean for the teachers?

Uri Ben-Ari

December’s marketing person of the month: Asaf Azulay from Bank Hapoalim

Azulay, head of Bank Hapoalim’s marketing headquarters, was chosen by the Israeli Marketing Association for the strategic advances he made which situated the bank in their new status as a young and innovative brand

Forbes Staff

Forbes Presents: the most promising Israeli startups in New York

The list was unveiled last night on a formal event at Forbes on Fifth in the heart of New York City • During the event, Randal Lane, the editor-in-chief of Forbes USA, interviewed Professor Amnon Shashua, President and CEO of Mobileye

Forbes Staff

Between the lab and the office

Professor Yael Hanein lives between two worlds - her research lab at Tel Aviv University where she is developing future capabilities in the field of neuro-technology • Wearing her other hat, she is an entrepreneur that is already in charge of two groundbreaking companies in the field • “Academia favors ambitious, difficult and challenging projects - in industry, everything moves so quickly and efficiently and it is of utmost importance to maximize time. The beauty is in the balance.”

Roni Kerzner

Green Eyes

At the forefront of medical cannabis research, Prof. Hinanit Koltai dedicates her days to scientific research of the controversial plant • For her, every leaf, flower and seed is meaningful • As her research advances, the plant scientist believes cannabis will be used not only as a pain reliever - but as a medication in and of itself - even for cancer

Yuval Hirshorn