There are several entrepreneurs who avoid using cloud services due to complexity. Setting up a server can be a long and arduous process, especially in the case of Amazon Web Services. It’s no secret that this technology can be complicated, complex and confusing.


That’s why CEO Gilad Somjen and his four team members stepped in to introduce their innovative service, Cloud With Me. Their solution helps business owners using AWS save time and money on managing their servers. Enabling users to move to AWS in less than 5 minutes, Cloud With Me also offers add-ons such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla plus other features such as HTML, Email and Analytics.


How to Get Started:

• Enter your domain name
• Select the region you’re running your server in
• Choose your server and instance type
• Decide which add-ons to install (optional)
• Submit your AWS information


Your Cloud With Me account will then be fully operational and you can start enjoying its endless benefits.


Free Sign-Up

Cloud With Me has several key advantages including free sign-up. The company does not deal with AWS billing, and all server costs are charged directly by Amazon. Wondering how Cloud With Me makes its money?


The company charges an additional fee for every add-on that’s installed, such as WordPress. Each add-on costs $3.99/month however as mentioned previously, all of them are entirely optional to install. Users can simply set up a server without add-ons and they’ll even give you the chance to manage up to five servers free of charge.


Gilad Somjen. PR


Additionally, Cloud With Me is available in more than 10 languages, including English, French, Portuguese, and Dutch. This gives you far more possibilities than AWS’s management console.


If there’s a downside, it’s that Cloud With Me doesn’t currently give you an estimate of how much you’ll pay to Amazon when using its specific features, and it isn’t entirely clear how choosing one region or server type over another will affect the total AWS bill.


Setting up an account is easy, although new users might find the next step somewhat challenging. Entering your Amazon Web Services details and allowing Cloud With Me to access AWS services does require patience and a certain level of technical knowledge. Those who are new to the system might find this process a little confusing and it may be a difficult concept to grasp. Nevertheless, efforts are underway to streamline this part of the process.


It’s worth bearing in mind that there is a significant difference between the target markets of AWS and Cloud With Me. According to Gilad Somjen, AWS principally targets large businesses and corporations with huge IT budgets. Cloud With Me, on the other hand, aims for small and midsize businesses which might only run a WordPress site, for example.


So far, so good. Cloud With Me is already proving to be a major success. In fact, since its launch only four months ago, it has introduced a total of 2,800 new accounts to AWS. This major referral has impressed AWS so much to the point where they have made Cloud With Me an official Amazon partner.


The future continues to look bright for the company. With such a badge of honor, a fast-growing customer base and a commitment to constantly improving its services, Cloud With Me is guaranteed to be a global major success.

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