The Israeli Marketing Association chose Asaf Azulay, head of Bank Hapoalim’s marketing headquarters, as December’s marketing person of the month.

Azulay was selected thanks to the strategic advances he made that contributed to positioning the bank as a young and innovative brand.

Asaf Azulay. Upgrading the brand | Photo by: Aviv Gotlib, Bank HaPoalim

The committee that chose him explained their decision, crediting Azulay with charting a new marketing approach that successfully situated the bank as a young, relevant and up-to-date, brand and making meaningful, innovative moves in the worlds of online commerce and technology as well as the ways in which the brand communicates with its clients, particularly those of the next generation; he accomplished all of this since joining the bank less than two years ago. “Asaf laid strong foundations for the projected future of Bank Hapoalim in the competitive banking arena for the years to come,” the committee concluded.

They further noted that Azulay’s new strategic approach is based on three principles: First, penetrating the life of the younger client with meaningful value propositions designed to make life easier, to improve processes that are seen as complex and respond to the need for easy, convenient banking. Second, the bank is positioning itself to be the first player on the field with a quality value proposition in order to generate a competitive edge within the market; and finally, to disrupt the paradigm that a bank has to talk in a serious, official tone and rather to shift into a kind of rhythmic marketing communication with a wink and a sense of self-humor.

The association’s marketing committee consists of about 15 representatives from various industries and categories who judge the nominations that they receive.

Translated by Zoe Jordan

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