Enso's team | Photo: David Tabachnikov
Enso's team | Photo: David Tabachnikov

Enso Secures $6M for SMB-Focused AI Platform

Startup Introduces Guided AI Agents to Address Small Business Challenges

Tech startup Enso has announced the launch of its Guided AI Agents platform, alongside a $6 million seed funding round led by NFX. The company aims to make AI technology more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Enso’s platform offers AI-powered services across 70 industries, with over 1,000 AI agents trained on domain-specific practices. The company’s goal is to provide SMBs with affordable access to AI tools for tasks such as research, accounting, digital marketing, and HR.

“Small businesses often lack the resources larger companies have,” said Mickey Haslavsky, CEO of Enso. “We’re trying to bridge that gap by making AI services more accessible and affordable for SMBs.”

The launch comes as many small businesses struggle with operational demands. According to Microsoft research, 59% of small business owners find it challenging to focus on growth due to day-to-day tasks.

Enso’s Guided AI Agents are designed to provide more consistent results than traditional AI by using predefined libraries and software integrations tailored to specific industries.

The seed funding round also saw participation from angel investors, including Yossi Matias, head of AI Google Research, and professionals from companies like OpenAI, Slack, and Twitter.

Sources at NFX stated, “We see potential in Enso’s approach to bringing AI tools to small businesses, an often underserved market in terms of advanced technology.”

Enso plans to introduce a “Guided AI Agent Builder” for developers, aiming to expand its offerings in the future.

While the $6 million funding is a modest start, it allows Enso to begin addressing the technological needs of SMBs in an increasingly AI-driven business landscape.

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