New York and Tel Aviv | Photo: Shutterstock
New York and Tel Aviv | Photo: Shutterstock

New York Now Home to 30 Israeli-Founded Unicorns

The companies have combined to create some 14,717 direct jobs around the world. The three largest direct job creators are Via, Verbit, and Wiz

A record 30 Israeli-founded unicorns – privately held companies valued at $1 billion or more – now have their global or U.S.  headquarters in New York State, according to the United States – Israel Business Alliance. All 30 are based in New York City, which continues to be the city with the most Israeli-founded tech unicorns outside of Tel Aviv.

“New York remains a financial and international hub that offers Israeli entrepreneurs a concentration of resources to build global companies, “USIBA president Aaron Kaplowitz said. “In recent years, the growing number of Israeli-founded unicorns in New York has further convinced many early-stage Israeli founders that the Empire State is the ideal gateway to the United States.”

The presence of Israeli-founded unicorns in New York has risen steadily. In 2019, five Israeli-founded unicorns had their global or U.S. headquarters in New York. In 2020, that number increased to nine. In 2021, the unicorn count jumped to 21. The current number of Israeli-founded unicorns marks a 15 percent increase from 2022, when 26 Israeli-founded unicorns called New York their global or U.S. home.

The 30 companies have combined to create some 14,717 direct jobs around the world. The three largest direct job creators are Via (1,200), Verbit (1,000), and Wiz (833).

Assaf Rapaport, founder of Wiz | Photo: Nathaniel Tobias

“The impressive valuations only tell part of the story,” Kaplowitz said. “When we talk about Israeli-founded unicorns, we’re talking about economic dynamos that contribute to local innovation ecosystems, create jobs, and drive revenue.”

The total valuation for all 30 unicorns amounts to $67.5 billion. That puts the average current value for Israeli-founded unicorns in New York at $2.25 billion. The three companies with the highest valuations are Wiz ($10 billion), Fireblocks ($8 Billion), and Melio ($4 billion).

Liquidity Group, a company that offers rapid due diligence to provide funding to late-stage tech companies, is the newest addition to the club. The NOHO-based company raised at a $1.4 billion valuation in February and is the only Israeli-founded unicorn in the U.S. to cross the billion-dollar threshold so far in 2023. The other most recent additions are Vesttoo ($1 billion), Perimeter 81 ($1 billion), and Optibus ($1.3 billion).

“The global economic uncertainty has definitely impacted entrepreneurs’ ability to raise money,” Kaplowitz said. “We anticipate the Israeli unicorn growth to remain slow in 2023 and for companies to focus on optimizing operational efficiencies.”

New York trails California as the state with the most Israeli-founded unicorn headquarters. Massachusetts, with 10 Israeli-founded unicorns, ranks third.

The Verbit team | Photo: Eric Sultan

The 30 IsraeliFounded Unicorns Based in New York: Augury ($1 Billion), Axonius  ($2.6 Billion), BigID ($1.2 Billion), Capitolis ($1.6 Billion), Cheq ($1 Billion), Claroty ($1.9 Billion), Fabric ($1 Billion), Fireblocks ($8 Billion), Forter ($3 Billion), Hibob ($2.4 Billion), Immunai ($1 Billion), K Health ($1.5 Billion), Liquidity Group ($1.4 Billion), Melio ($4 Billion), Minute Media ($1 Billion), Oosto ($1 Billion), OpenWeb ($1.5 Billion), Optibus ($1.3 Billion), OrCam ($1 Billion), Papaya Global ($3.7 Billion), Perimeter 81 ($1 Billion), Sisense ($1 Billion), Unit ($1.2 Billion), Vast Data ($3.7 Billion), Veho ($1.5 Billion), Verbit ($2 Billion), Vesttoo ($3.5 Billion), Via ($3.5 Billion), Wiz ($10 Billion), Yotopo ($1.4 Billion).

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