Pentera will provide cyber readiness assessments for Israeli organizations at no cost

Pentera offices | Photo: Pentera
Pentera offices | Photo: Pentera
It develops an automated penetration-testing platform that assesses and reduces corporate cybersecurity risks, and now offers organizations a cyber readiness test, free of charge

Following the surge in cyberattacks during the ongoing war, Pentera, an Israeli cybersecurity vendor, will offer organizations critical to the Israeli economy free assessments to validate the security of their external attack surface against malicious hackers. The Pentera team will conduct the entire process independently, ensuring that no resource allocation is necessary from the organization for the assessment.

Pentera, backed by K1 Investment Management, Insight Partners, AWZ and more, is a penetration testing company that develops and provides an automated security validation platform to reduce cybersecurity risks, allowing every organization to test with ease the integrity of all cybersecurity layers, unfolding true, current security exposures at any moment, at any scale. Thousands of security professionals and service providers around the world use Pentera to guide remediation and close security gaps before they are exploited.

Presently, Pentera is actively reaching out to qualifying companies in Israel to offer this service. You can also request an assessment through this link.

“Challenging days”

Amitai Ratzon, CEO of Pentera, stated, “The State of Israel is currently facing some of its most challenging days while preparing for weeks of conflict. In light of the significant increase in attempted cyberattacks on various entities in Israel, we believe it is our duty to contribute to strengthening the home front and enhancing the economy’s readiness in this critical domain”.

Utilizing the latest hacker techniques, Pentera’s system emulates cyber attacks across the organization’s external attack surface to pinpoint exploitable gaps across the organization’s external attack surface. The safe-by-design nature of the system ensures that the assessments are carried out automatically, without disrupting the organization’s ongoing operations.

Additionally, as part of the examination, Pentera will identify corporate passwords that have been leaked onto the internet (via the darkweb, paste sites, and other resources hackers utilize) and assess the organization’s vulnerability to cyber attacks with these passwords.

Upon completion of the assessment, the organizations will be provided with a comprehensive report. The report will detail the cyber vulnerabilities ranked by criticality, the list of organizational passwords that can be exploited, as well as remediation recommendations for each item.

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