Power Women: The Prominent Investors In The Israeli High-Tech

Michal Krimolowsky and Keren Hershkovitz. Photo: Shlomi Yossef

In recent years there has been great progress integrating women in management and leadership positions in the Israeli high-tech world. Yet, despite this positive trend, and given the relative maturity of the industry – there is still a long way to go to achieve gender equality in the venture capital and investment community.

‘Woman2Woman’ project was founded as part of the 8200 Alumni Association with the vision of promoting women to key positions in the Israeli market. This project aims to bring forward inspiring success stories from women who are leading venture investments. These women are taking a significant part in the gender revolution taking place in the industry these days – and their stories can serve as an inspiration and encourage more women to direct their career paths to senior positions.

According to Keren Hershkovitz, a co-founder of Woman2Woman and a part of the Forbes Under30 Community: “The percentage of female partners in venture capital funds is less than 15%, from which the total number of women who actually make investment decisions and allocate capital, is even lower. We’ve decided to cooperate in order to help alter this situation and act towards a proper representation of female talent, this via bringing forward and focusing on the stories of women investment partners and venture capital funders in the Israeli high-tech world”. 

Michal Krimolowsky, Woman2Woman’s Managing Director says “as we will see a higher ratio of women investors, we can expect to see a better representation of female entrepreneurs and in senior leadership roles – especially in earlier stage ventures”.

Founding Partner, Aristagora VC.

Past Positions: Head of the Asia Practice in Discount Capital, Tech lawyer in one of Israel’s leading law firms.

Portfolio Companies: Lynxight, Nimble Beauty, Suridata.AI, TOPeration, CADY, RFKeeper.

Founder and Managing Partner at Meron Capital

Past positions: Merger & Acquisition Advisory at PwC in New York; Consultant at Bain & Company in Atlanta; and Principal at Blumberg Capital in Tel Aviv and San Francisco

Portfolio companies: Mesh Payments, Testim, Immunai

Partner at Fort Ross Ventures

Past positions: Managed 8200 EISP, Israel’s first accelerator program founded by 8200 Alumni Association; Venture Capital work in Silicon Valley

Portfolio companies: Explorium, Granulate, Deci AI

Early-stage Investor and General Partner at Glilot Capital Partners

Past positions: Business Development for startups at Microsoft and Deloitte, Investment Manager at JVP, a member of the founding team at ITC, and Senior Team Lead in IDF Unit 8200.

Company Portfolios: Lightlytics, Anecdotes, Genoox, BrandTotal, as well as another three companies that are still in stealth mode. Previously, Amikam was a board member at Exceed.ai, which was acquired by Genesys.

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