A significant milestone since its inception in 2014 | Photo: Team8
A significant milestone since its inception in 2014 | Photo: Team8

Team8 Raises $500M, Surpassing $1B in AUM, to Build and Invest in Tech Startups

The venture group, known for its unique venture-creation model, will deploy the fresh funds to create and back over 30 new companies in cybersecurity, data infrastructure, AI, fintech, and digital health.

Tel Aviv-based Team8, a trailblazing venture fund known for its innovative approach to building and investing in technology companies, announced today the closing of $500 million in new funds. The substantial raise brings Team8’s total assets under management (AUM) to over $1 billion, marking a significant milestone since its inception in 2014.

The new funds, which include Team8’s third Venture-Creation Enterprise Fund ($110M), first Venture-Creation Digital Health Fund ($70M), second Venture-Capital Fund ($235M), and $85 million in follow-on funding, will be utilized to create and invest in more than 30 startups operating in five crucial sectors: cybersecurity, data infrastructure, artificial intelligence, fintech, and digital health.

Team8’s unique model combines a venture-creation arm, which partners with entrepreneurs to jointly build and invest in new startups, and a traditional venture capital practice that invests in promising seed and Series A rounds. This dual approach, supported by an 80-person strong in-house team of company-builders and a global network of industry leaders, has proven successful over the past decade.

“In the face of strong market headwinds, including global economic hurdles, downturns in the tech market, and a complex geopolitical climate – our announcement further emphasizes the resilience of the Team8 model in building and investing in companies, and the substantial value we consistently deliver to our portfolio companies,” said Yuval Shachar, Managing Partner and Chairman at Team8.

“This milestone is not just about financial growth; it’s a validation of our unique methodology in building and investing and the substantial value we consistently deliver to our portfolio companies”.

Yuval Shachar, Chairman, Team8

To date, Team8 has built 20 companies, invested in an additional 21, and achieved eight exits, including the recent billion-dollar cybersecurity exits of Dig and Talon. The venture group’s expanding focus beyond its original cybersecurity scope reflects its commitment to driving innovation in sectors critical to technological advancement and societal progress.

“Team8’s signature Venture-Creation model is designed to identify meaningful problems, create theses on potential solutions, and build and invest in innovative companies that tackle these challenges,” the company stated.

As Team8 enters its second decade, the new funds serve as a testament to the organization’s successful track record and its ability to adapt and thrive in the face of challenging market conditions. With a proven methodology and a growing portfolio of groundbreaking companies, Team8 is well-positioned to continue shaping the future of technology and delivering value to its investors and partners.

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