Globe Invest, the family office of self-made entrepreneur, Teddy Sagi, has confirmed that Brickington Trading Ltd has sold its remaining 15,193,489 shares in Playtech. The deal was arranged by Credit Suisse Securities (Europe).

Globe Invest says: “Over the last few weeks, Brickington Trading Ltd has been working on this divestment. The sale follows a smaller trade executed on the 12th November and is in line with our long-term diversification strategy”.

 Teddy Sagi and his family trusts took the decision to diversify their wealth in 2016 and agreed on a strategy of investing in real estate, co-working, e-commerce and new technology ventures. Since then they have been reducing their stake in Playtech, and this final sale merely completes that continuum.

Teddy Sagi | Photo: Yonathan Bloom

Teddy Sagi says: “My focus for the last few years has been in real estate, co-working, service apartments, e-commerce and advanced technology, cyber-security and innovation companies. I consider myself part of Playtech’s successful history, and I am proud of what we have accomplished together since its inception. I wish it every success in the future”.

Globe Invest Limited acts as the single family office of Teddy Sagi, and it was also established in September 2016. The office consists of a team of expert advisors who manage the interests and investments of the principal and whose job is to preserve and protect the principal’s wealth, legacy and reputation, with a strong focus on corporate governance, controls and principles.


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