Image source: CLD-9
Image source: CLD-9

The Role of AI in Health: The Rise of Customised Wellness with CLD-9

As CLD-9’s initial customers received their tailored drink mixes, founder and CEO Khushang Hirpara sensed he had discovered a groundbreaking advancement in the supplement industry. Leveraging AI-driven personalised supplement formulations, CLD-9 aims to redefine how individuals approach their health regimens. 

CLD-9’s missions began with a simple question: what if the process of selecting and consuming health supplements could be completely personalised and hassle-free? 

Claims of “all-inclusive solutions” often fill the traditional market, but they frequently fall short of people’s needs and are typically too broadly formulated. Hirpara wanted to change this by devising a service where each supplement mix is tailored to the user’s unique health profile and delivered as a convenient, tasty drink. 

“The only thing customers need to do is have a short chat with our AI to kickstart the creation of their perfect health drink,” Hirpara explains. “They should also opt for a monthly subscription to never run low on their CLD-9 fix.”

Hybrid Solutions: High Tech Wellness 

CLD-9 uses advanced algorithms to analyse factors like biometrics, medication, lifestyle, and personal health goals, creating over 28 million possible supplement combinations. The design of this calibre of personalisation establishes that each user receives a scientifically relevant and effective product.

When making their first models, the team at CLD-9 discovered very early on that the problem with NLP (natural language processing) is that models like GPT, LLama, and Gemini can be incredible at rewording, organising, and generating text based on training data. However, when it comes to correctly referencing research data and making scientifically accurate recommendations, NLP falls short and often “hallucinates.” In other words, models using NLP make things up without backing research. It sounds and looks reputable but is fictitiously generated by AI.

Why is this important? CLD-9 has devised an AI-driven model that eradicates inaccuracies found in other NLP model’s recommendations and makes certain that users receive accurate information by developing a neural network composed entirely of open source models.

CLD-9’s innovative system works phenomenally well by implementing a technique called “model stacking.” This technique involves having multiple models to monitor the output of a primary model, ultimately aiming to achieve clearer outputs.

Model stacking enables startups to use open-source models, fine-tune them individually, and stack them to generate outputs tailored for specific purposes. Companies like Apple, Google, and GPT are already employing model stacking with an approach called “multi-modality.” But, CLD-9 has already surpassed using just 3-4 models.

Hirpara states, “Using recent studies on mitigating hallucinations combined with our own experiments, we show that AI outputs significantly improve with each additional model added for monitoring and tweaking. This led us to integrate up to 38-models. As CLD-9 grows, we will continue increasing the number of models being used to ensure both continued supplement recommendation versatility and the highest degree of reliability.”

Embracing Advancing Technology Responsibly 

Hirpara’s path to founding CLD-9 is a story of resilience and innovation. With a background in AI technology and a passion for health optimization, Hirpara combined his skills to address a common problem in the supplement industry.  

Apart from rendering high-quality wellness solutions, Hirpara wanted to deliver the whole package, literally. This means that all the ingredients used in CLD-9’s mixtures are vegan, purity-tested, NSF-certified, FDA-approved, and non-GMO. Even the product packaging is made from sustainable material that is either biodegradable or recyclable.

“We care about the environment as much as we care about people. Health comes in many forms, and we want our business to thrive without hurting the health of the planet or the people and animals that inhabit it,” comments Hirpara. 

Additionally, a significant step for CLD-9 is the recent completion of its in-house manufacturing machine. The press of a button can create practically any supplement product or formulation with variable dosages using this device. The company’s core values of modernization and efficiency are epitomised by this technological development.

Elevating Wellness Practices 

Not every problem can be deciphered with a generic solution. More often than not, customization is the answer. This is where CLD-9 takes the lead. 

Moving forward, the health-centric firm remains laser-focused on improvement and expansion. “We aim to reach a broader audience that has been searching for a dietary supplement that fits them like a glove. Wellness should be personalised at all times. That is the only way it will actually work,” concludes Hirpara.

In an upbeat age where health and wellness often take a backseat, CLD-9’s AI-driven, customised services offer innovation and convenience. With Khushang Hirpara at the helm, the company is setting new standards and working toward a future where access to wellness supplements is fast, easy, and first-rate. 

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