Watch: Uri Geller in an Emotional Plea to Michelle Obama

Uri Geller | Photo: Shifi Shtang
Uri Geller | Photo: Shifi Shtang
The internationally renowned mentalist has released a video personally addressing the former First Lady of the United States. Geller questions why Michelle Obama, who spoke out against the abduction of hundreds of schoolgirls in Nigeria, remains silent in the face of the kidnapping of more than 30 Israeli children by Hamas

Michelle, where are you? Why are you silent about the kidnapping of the Israeli children?” asks the international illusionist Uri Geller in an appeal to the former US President’s wife, Michelle Obama. In an unusual plea, the mentalist directly addresses Michelle Obama, calling for her intervention in the struggle to free the Israeli children abducted by Hamas to the Gaza Strip.

In a message broadcast via a video filmed in the Kidnapped Square at the Tel Aviv Museum plaza and in an audio recording, Geller addressed Obama. “I’m speaking to you from Israel, and we’re at war with Hamas-Isis,” says Geller. “Now, this message is actually directed at you, Michelle Obama. Where are you, Michelle?

“Where are you, Michelle?” Geller at Tel Aviv Museum plaza | Video: Shifi Shtang

“You know, when 300 plus schoolgirls were abducted by Islamic terrorists in Nigeria, you posted a picture of yourself looking sad and holding a sign saying, ‘bring back our girls’.” Geller refers to the incident that occurred in Nigeria in 2014 when the terrorist organization Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls. “You told the nation: these girls, Barack and I see our own daughters. We see their hopes and their dreams, and we can only imagine the anguish their parents are feeling right now.”

Obama’s original photo in 2014

Michelle, you are one of the most influential women in the world. If I’m not mistaken, you have, what, over 22 million followers on X? Why on earth, Michelle, have you been silent over the abduction of Israeli children? Why? More than 30 children as young as nine months old are among 240 hostages. Where are you, Michelle? They were brutally abducted five weeks ago. You told America that the Nigerian girls abduction was an unconscionable act committed by terrorists group. That’s what you said. What about Hamas-Isis, Michelle? What’s the difference here, for goodness sake?”

Geller goes on to describe various activities of Michelle Obama on social networks and wonders why she does not call for the release of the kidnapped Israeli children. “So now I have reminded you. Please, Michelle, step forward and show your support for the abducted Israeli children. We are watching and waiting, Michelle. Bring them home. Our Israeli children.”

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