Making the World More Accessible: Most Inspiring and Inclusive Apps

Helping the visually impaired: most innovative apps | Shutterstock
Helping the visually impaired: most innovative apps | Shutterstock
From aiding the visually impaired to assisting people with speech disabilities: These apps change the world and improve technology's inclusivity


Innovation drives the world, and it comes in many ways and shapes: Education, real estate and also helping and integrating people with disabilities. On a personal note, this is a field that is very close to my heart and I believe it needs more innovative solutions ASAP.

I believe that supporting people with disabilities should be one of the most talked-about subjects in our society, for our own sake. Some entrepreneurs feel the same way. Here are some startups and companies that try to bring us one step closer to equality, and prove how essential this topic is.

Even in 2021 (soon to be 2022), there is no awareness of accessibility among business owners. accessiBe brings a solution of equality to this world. What does that mean, exactly? AccessiBe provides automated web accessibility solutions for companies.

Innovation drives the world, and it comes in many ways and shapes: Education, real-estate, and also helping and integrating people with disabilities

Their solution is affordable and efficient; right after installing, the software starts working 24/7 non-stop to provide all sites with what they need to make their website accessible This is a great way to raise awareness, and it helps more business owners to create an inclusive virtual environment.

Another interesting company is Voiceitt, which developed a technology for people who deal with speech disabilities, disorders. Their software can “translate” what the people say into regular text, written or read, which allows people with those disabilities to converse with others. Voiceitt is available in different languages and also works with different accents, since it is able to learn each speech pattern and make improvements on the go.

Another inspiring start-up is Sesame Enable, a company that combines technology with the virtues of equality. It creates hand-free, head control access to smartphones, tablets, and computers. This solution is bridging the digital gap for millions of people who live with ALS, Spinal Cord Injuries, etc. It can be downloaded to iOS, Android, and Windows, and it’s totally free to use.

Last (but not least) is OrCam that was established in 2010. This company’s main goal is to take the power of artificial vision and technology and demonstrate it in platforms that will improve the lives of individuals who live with reading difficulties because of their impaired vision.

Their most advanced product is OrCam ‘MyEye 2’, which assists the visually impaired and enables them to send texts from every device by recognizing facial expressions, colors, etc. They want to create wearable technology that will help users in their everyday life.

Israel is putting much effort into innovation generally, and The Israeli Innovation Authority is offering a unique help for start-ups in their beginning. They now offer a few tracks for new technology that can help Israel move forward, and what better field to do so than helping the disabled? We are a startup nation, now it’s our time to use it for a better and more inclusive future.

Assisted with preparing this article: Noy Peri

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