Teddy Sagi Sells Remaining Playtech Shares

End of an era: The family office of the Israeli entrepreneur has confirmed that Brickington Trading has sold its remaining shares in Playtech, the company Sagi founded, in order to diversify his portfolio

Forbes Staff

The End of Great Britain?

The Scottish are trying to declare independence, the Northern Irish are threatening to renew their civil war, and there is even talk of separation in Wales • The English themselves are becoming more nationalistic and racism is raising its ugly head • In the Brexit era, Great Britain finds itself on the brink of disintegration

Alon Levin and Yuval Bustan

Young Creatives Award Presented at 2018 Emmy World TV Festival

This is the second annual JCS award at the International World Television Festival * JCSI President Michal Grayevsky presented the awards to young filmmakers who explored the theme “Stand Up for Peace"

Forbes Staff

Why are there no more Chinese villains in American films?

Hollywood has so far survived the technological developments that threatened to destroy it - but the real lifeline is the enormous Chinese audience overseas, which doesn’t really connect with American heroes - time get used to seeing more Asian faces on the big screen

Yuval Bustan

Bon Appetit – Israel’s Best Restaurants

Looking for a good restaurant? Start with the ones who love their food, the country they came from, their customers * We chose the best restaurants, which don't compromise on the important things and insist to make in Israel food that comes from love

Natalie Shafrir