The Israeli Food-Tech industry has more growth potential | Shutterstock

How can we keep Israel as a Leader in the FoodTech Industry?

The Israeli Food-Tech market is on top and fundraising has skyrocketed. Everyone wants a piece of the tech cake but it is starting to run out. How can we prevent investors from branching out, and keep Israel as a leader in this field?

It's SaaS o'clock: how can you protect your data? | By Shutterstock

It’s SaaS O’clock: How To Keep Track of Your Data

Current researches show that the average American company uses 80-100 different SaaS programs. This situation can lead to extensive data loss and general disorder. That’s how you can solve this problem and regain control over your data

Will humanoid robots change the way we live? | By Shutterstock

Hi Robot: How Robotic Technology Can Impact Humanity

Robots once solely belonged to the sci-fi world, but nowadays are quickly becoming a crucial part of our lives. Will humankind adapt and evolve, or will humanoid robots take over our everyday lives?

Gaming by Shutterstock

Sports VS Gaming: A Review of a Common Misconception

It’s somewhat challenging to see the connection between weightlifters or professional sprinters to award-winning gamers who win tournaments, but a closer look reveals there are more similarities than differences

The Next Billion dollars start ups

Special Project: Forbes Presents the Next Israeli Unicorns

In Israel alone, despite COVID-19 and the subsequent financial crisis, some companies have become new unicorns in the past year. Although the path to the top is hard and winding — but the trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down

Nir Zohar, WIX president By Alan Tzatzkin

“The country’s high-tech industry is on the verge of historical change”

From a small start-up of ten employees, Wix turned into one of the most traded public companies on Nasdaq, with a value of over $16 billion dollars and 5,000 employees around the world. Nir Zohar, the company’s president, explains why the partners refused to sell the website design platform that they designed and why, for the first time, there is more fundraising and IPOs than exits in Israeli high tech

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