Diagnostic Robotics founders | Photo: Omer Hacohen

Diagnostic Robotics: “Constructing medical decision-making ability”

A hundred million patients the world over benefit from the technology of Diagnostic Robotics — most of them are not even aware of it. Via artificial intelligence and big data analysis, the company from Israel is trying to make the world’s health systems more efficient and to predict the patients’ deterioration. “There are very few opportunities in life to do something with such a big impact.”

Cyber illustration | Photo: Shutterstock

How did Israel become a Global Cyber Power?

The impressive dominance shown by Israel in the business and military cyber arena is not accidental.This is the result of a program born two decades ago with the aim of developing the local ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence is the Key to Economic Recovery

Two technological revolutions – the information and communication revolution and the cyber one – have shaped the development of the modern Israeli economy and made the high-tech industry a main growth engine. Now it’s AI’s turn. If we manage to apply this revolution these days, Israel will get a significant advantage in post-Corona era

Via and Sompo will assist Japanese cities in combating car accidents

Japanese insurance giant and the world’s leading technological provider of digital infrastructures for operating public transport systems, have launched a new transport service which aims to decrease car accidents involving the elderly and to reduce traffic congestion

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

From where he works in Switzerland, in one of the world’s leading research institutes, Tal Ben Nun teaches institutions to improve themselves and construct a programming language that will enable scientists to make processes more efficient and to translate their algorithms into more efficient programs

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