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International conference on investments, asset protection and business relocation will take place in October

Every successful businessman needs to know more about the advantages of running business in EU and choose countries with more attractive economic, legal and financial environment.

Wealth TOP FORUM Israel will gather 300 business representatives interested in investments, tax optimization on 26-27 October in Tel Aviv (Israel). The conference will provide updated education on asset allocation, asset protection, alternative investments. 18 public speakers – practitioners will make a full overview of insights presentations. They will cover the latest regulations on international tax, investments, estate planning, etc. Total – 10 hours of useful information and 8 hours of communication.

Registration to the event is regulated by the admission policy. It is open for – owners, CEOs, CFOs, directors of law, financial and trade companies, banks, auditing firms and representatives of IT and HR area.

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Why attend? Of course, you have a choice. You may do everything on your own and start from scratch. You will need to learn lots of information, legal framework, travel to another country for meetings and more. This is accompanied with huge amount of wasted time and high budget. Or you can attend Wealth TOP FORUM Israel, meet experts and practitioners in the areas of investments, establishing and running business abroad. It helps you get all important information and strengthen your partnership network within 2 days only.

The event will cover the following topics: cross-border transactions, business allocation, investment opportunities, global banking, products for transnational companies, M&A, citizenship programs, running business abroad, corporate structuring, FOREX license obtaining in Cyprus, shipping, yacht and ship registration and much more. Full agenda here.

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