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Manage Your Brand’s Advertising with Meme Machine

Advertising and media has changed in recent years to the extent that a company wishing to advertise a product needs to consult with numerous service providers. Meme Global Media Group wants to simplify this process.

"Our story begins a few years back, "explains founder Ronen Menipaz. "Weidentified the negative trends in the digital world and we decided it's time for a real changing point to all advertisers. Today, if you want to publish an ad, you must go through a chain of companies. Each of these companies influence your campaigns, be it through cost or effectivity. We realized there are too many brokers along the way and decided to build a one-stop-shop, the Meme Machine".

How does the Meme Machine work?
"It allows you to operate in two directions which were not available in the market until now. On the one hand you can plan campaigns, build different strategies for your brand. And on the other hand you can execute the entire advertising process on your own; you can run your brand's campaigns."

founders. Ronen Menipaz, Eran hajaj

Bringing Creativity Back to Digital Advertising
An additional advantage of the Meme Machine is its unique ability to present users with competitors' strategies. "Let's say I'm a super brand like Nike. In that case, I know the precise operating scheme for Reebok and Adidas – who their target audiences are, where they choose to advertise and what's the creative agenda. Our users are able to gather this data regarding their own brands. This information allows publishers working with Meme Global Media Group to create better campaigns, with better results compared with their competitors, as well as differentiate themselves with creative, innovative campaigns."

Is the Meme Machine available for companies?
"We provide services for different types of users. Currently we work mainly with large international advertisers. We are happy to be strategic partners with some of the world's largest creative groups, such as M&C Saatchi, Grey United, Y&R and others."

Putting the I in Innovation

In August, a subsidiary of Meme Global Media Group, Meme Video, was purchased by Israeli company Somoto. Meme Video developed an online, digital advertising company based on targeted advertising, using big data analysis. The online advertising company allowed advertisers to offer accurate ads for each user. In 2015 the company showed $9 million in revenue.

Meme Media staff

One of your subsidiaries was sold a few months back for $13 million.
"Each of our verticals is a completely different company. First and foremost we are a holding company, Meme Global Media Group. Under this umbrella we have different innovation companies focusing on ad technology. We have numerous patents and technologies and are constantly growing. We have an active M&A department, set on identifying companies offering different media solutions."

What's the next step for Meme Global Media Group?
"We are currently active in nine countries. Are vision is to keep growing, positioning ourselves as an influential international player, advancing our industry with each new product or service."

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