yuval kaminka by shlomi yosef

The golden note: JoyTunes app turns your smartphone into a music teacher

The JoyTunes application, which became a great hit during the coronavirus pandemic, makes it possible for its hundreds of thousands of subscribers all over the world to learn to play the piano and the guitar on their own. Now the founders’ goal is to become the next Netflix

Nir Zohar, WIX president By Alan Tzatzkin

“The country’s high-tech industry is on the verge of historical change”

From a small start-up of ten employees, Wix turned into one of the most traded public companies on Nasdaq, with a value of over $16 billion dollars and 5,000 employees around the world. Nir Zohar, the company’s president, explains why the partners refused to sell the website design platform that they designed and why, for the first time, there is more fundraising and IPOs than exits in Israeli high tech

Diagnostic Robotics founders | Photo: Omer Hacohen

Diagnostic Robotics: “Constructing medical decision-making ability”

A hundred million patients the world over benefit from the technology of Diagnostic Robotics — most of them are not even aware of it. Via artificial intelligence and big data analysis, the company from Israel is trying to make the world’s health systems more efficient and to predict the patients’ deterioration. “There are very few opportunities in life to do something with such a big impact.”

Trigo co-founders Michael (left) and Daniel Gabay. Credit_ Tom Bartov

Competing against Amazon: the growth of Trigo’s autonomous store

Daniel Gabay, an alum of Forbes Israel’s 30 Under 30 list, and his brother Michael, thought that all was lost when the tech giant announced the opening of a store without cash registers just days after completing an initial investment round. But they managed to make the most of their advantage, with regard to their competitors

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