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meet the tech influencers who take over social media | By Shutterstock

Techfluencers: The New Breed Of Social Media Influencers

We’re used to think of celebrities, actors and musicians as the classic influencers, but nowadays the cyber experts are taking over the field and share the most recent tech news with thousands of followers

Will humanoid robots change the way we live? | By Shutterstock

Hi Robot: How Robotic Technology Can Impact Humanity

Robots once solely belonged to the sci-fi world, but nowadays are quickly becoming a crucial part of our lives. Will humankind adapt and evolve, or will humanoid robots take over our everyday lives?

working from home by suhutterstock

Home Alone: How Covid Shifted the Modern Workplace

Covid-19 Pandemic has pushed companies to work remotely. Is working nine to five still a realistic expectation from employees, and does going to the office on a daily basis can actually benefit your mental health?

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