Leading The Way: The Cyber Security Companies That Are Changing The World

A surprisingly broad range of security and configuration decisions are yours to make | Photo: Shutterstock
| Photo: Shutterstock
Protecting autonomous vehicles, optimizing data-security processes, or managing the organization’s entire cloud apps – here are 7 Israeli companies that are changing the global cyber industry while introducing groundbreaking technologies

Founders: Yoav Levy and Yonatan Appel

Founded: 2017

Fund: $105 million

Employees: 120+

Founders: Yoran Sirkis, Ravid Circus and Rotem Cohen Gadol

Founded: 2020

Fund: $32 million

Employees: 25

Founders: Doron Naim and Gil Makmel

Founded: 2021

Fund: $6 million

Employees: 15

Founders: Shai Morag, Arick Goomanovsky, Sivan Kriegsman and Michael Dolinsky

Founded: 2019

Fund: $100 million

Employees: 150

Founders: Matan Or-El, Meir Antar, Demi Ben-Ari

Founded: 2016

Fund: $62 million

Employees: 120

Founders: Avi Shua, Gil Gron

Founded: 2019

Fund: $640 million

Employees: 350+

Founders: Maor Bin and Yonatan (Jony) Shlomoff

Founded: 2019

Fund: $34 million

Employees: 50

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